Frying Fish and Eating in Little Tokyo

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frying Fish, Little Tokyo
So, I haven't been just making and eating bundts this month! :) The other day, JustJenn, her kids and I went to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles for lunch at Frying Fish Sushi.

Frying Fish is one of the oldest places in the Japanese Village Plaza (between 1st and 2nd Streets). Two sushi chefs are in the center and a rotating stream of sushi goes round and round.

Frying Fish, Little Tokyo
The prices are based on the color of the dish, and you just pile them up at your seat and they count them up.

You can grab anything off the conveyor belt, or ask for items from the sushi chefs. I ordered a tamago (egg) and the kids got their favorite tempura shrimp roll and just plain tempura shrimp. Kids, like adults, love fried food.

Frying Fish, Little Tokyo collage 1
Here is Chef Kenny Yamada and a few of the plates we ate. I took the chef's photo and he gave me his card. Not everyday you get your sushi prepared by someone who's also a member of the Screen Actors Guild SAG. (Well, perhaps you just might in LA!)

Frying Fish - Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
The sushi isn't gourmet or rivals R23, but it's a fun time. Kids just love the conveyor belt and sitting at the bar. Lots of people in the restaurant were accompanied by children! Discover Nikkei interviewed the owner and has a set of photos.

Mikawaya, Little Tokyo
After Frying Fish, we walked next door to Mikawaya for some mochi, mochi ice cream, and sorbet. They have it all. Mikawaya invented mochi ice cream! Opened in 1910, this place is a Los Angeles institution. I love all things mochi and always visit either Mikawaya or Fugetsudo for mochi while downtown.

Imagawayaki, Little Tokyo
Of course, we stopped at the Mitsuru Cafe in the same Japanese Village Plaza for Imagawayaki. These are pancakes filled with sweetened red beans. They are made in front of a window so people are always can find the place by the crowd. I can eat these everyday and never leave Little Tokyo without a visit. When warm, they are so delicious!

bear hat
Our last stop was the Hello Kitty store and the trinket/J-Pop culture store where I found the perfect winter hat! Kawaii!

Japanese Village Plaza
Between 1st and 2nd Streets at Central, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
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Yuri - Chef Pandita said... [Reply to comment]

I used to go to one of those restaurants when I lived in Tokyo, grabbing the plates from the rotating belt was so much fun! you're lucky to have so many japanese restaurants and stores near you :)

Sabina Sala said... [Reply to comment]

You are very lucky to have in your place a little Tokyo. I love suschi, but wehere I live is very difficult to eat.

Mary said... [Reply to comment]

Kawaii to the max....cutest hat ever.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

good 'ol j-town! mikawaya was my first part time job in high school. :) the one in 'dena, anyway...

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