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Monday, June 10, 2013

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
Thao's Farm - Torrance Farmer's Market

I frequently shop at the Torrance Farmer's Market. It's the third largest Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, and I could post thousands of photos of the produce, flowers, prepared food (pupusas, kettle corn, crepes, bacon wrapped hot dogs, filled malasadas, BBQ, corn on a cob...) and all the items I carry to my car every week. My instagram account @foodlibrarian is filled with them!

Maybe later this summer I'll do a longer post talking about my favorite vendors. Today, I want to highlight just one vegetable: eggplant.

At Thao's stand, you get your choice. Serious.

I love this Fresno farm. It grows a bunch of Asian favorites: bok choy, Chinese string beans, lemon grass, bitter melon, and so many greens that I don't know what they are! You can pick up cooking tips from customers and vendors alike while shopping there. They grow the English Peas I used to make my Peas & Rice, and they grow leeks, peanuts, jujubes, potatoes, cucumbers (at least three types) and onions.

Look how many eggplant varieties they offer! It reflects the great diversity of California. I'm so lucky to live here. :)

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
Chinese Eggplant

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
Italian Eggplant

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
Filipino Eggplant

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
Indian Eggplant

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
Japanese Eggplant

Thao's Farmers Market stand - Eggplants
American Eggplant

How do you cook your eggplant? I'll take the longer (Japanese, Chinese) eggplant and slice them lengthwise. I'll cook them with a little olive oil in my cast iron pan. Then, when they are almost done, I'll spread the cut tops with a miso paste that has been diluted with a bit of water. Easy and delicious. Sometimes, I'll serve with a bit of soy sauce, but the miso paste is usually salty enough.

You might be interested in this brochure produced by the Torrance Farmer's Market - Your guide to Asian Produce.

Torrance Farmers Market
I couldn't resist sharing some of the photos from this past Saturday. The tomatoes are from Thao's Farm and the rest are other vendors. Oh, the glory of summer fruits and vegetables!

Torrance Farmer's Market
Every Tuesday and Saturday, Rain or Shine, All-Year
Wilson Park, 2200 Crenshaw Blvd. (between Carson & Sepulveda)

Hint: I park in the Korean Church parking lot across the street from Wilson Park on Saturdays (they are cool with it) as parking in Wilson Park's lot can get very congested.
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Sue/the view from great island said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, that's some serious eggplant! I love the little round Indian variety...I'll have to track down Thao's and see if they sell at any of the market's around me, thanks for a great post!

Nutmeg Nanny said... [Reply to comment]

I love farmers markets when I get the chance to go to them :) this stand looks wonderful! What a selection!

Nanette said... [Reply to comment]

I love Thao's so much. They have the most amazing selection veggies and tomatoes, and the quality is excellent. So glad that when we move from Redondo Beach to Mar Vista we won't have to miss them! Lovely people too!

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