weSPARK 5K Run at Universal Studios Hollywood

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Universal weSPARK 5K Run 2012
weSPARK 5K Run at Universal Studios Hollywood

Woo hoo! I ran my second 5K of the year. I'm trying to get back into running by running a 5K at least every two months.

I've been wanting to do this run for a couple years and it finally fit my schedule. It was a blast! You should definitely try it if you in Los Angeles. You get to run the backlot of Universal Studios...like being on the tram, but on foot...your own feet! You pass the Psycho House, Jaws lake, Grinch's winter wonderland, War of the World plane crash, Desperate Housewive's Wisteria Lane among other sets. They had several characters along the way including Phantom of the Opera and Indiana Jones.

And, the race was started by Mark L. Walberg (no, not Marky Mark) - this is the nice guy from Antiques Roadshow and my favorite Schmidt of New Girl, Max Greenfield (love that show!)

The first two miles were pretty flat, but the last part was pretty hilly. My first two mile splits were pretty good for me, but the hills, as usual, slayed me. However, I was busy taking in all the sights too. Luckily, two friends took photos along with route and shared them with me. Thanks Khadijah and Dave (see Dave's post here)

My favorite view!!!!!
Whew! My favorite view of the race! :) Put the weSPARK 5K and 10K on your calendar for next year!
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