Harvest Pumpkin Scones

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harvest Pumpkin Scones - King Arthur Flour
Harvest Pumpkin Scones

Scones + Pumpkin = I'm so there.

Not much to say here. Um, just break out the canned pumpkin and make these! Harvest Pumpkin Scones from the King Arthur Flour website.

I'm NOT saying they are low-fat or anything, but compared to regular scone recipes made of butter and cream, these have slightly less of the bad stuff. One stick of butter, a couple eggs and the pumpkin (a vegetable!! ;) are the main ingredients.

You choose your add-ins: chocolate chips, crystallized ginger, or cinnamon chips. I threw in about 3/4 cup of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Harvest Pumpkin Scones - Collage
I made 16 smaller scones (recipe yield is 12). I topped mine with my favorite Trader Joe's Cinnamon Sugar grinder, and some sanding sugar.

Click here for the recipe on the King's Arthur Flour website! These would be great for a holiday brunch.
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D said... [Reply to comment]

I just made these too and loved how easy it was. I cannot wait to make some fun variations of them. If you do too please share!

Lorena said... [Reply to comment]

OMG, did you really put mini CC-cookies in them? That sounds amazing - were they still crunchy when baked?

Marina said... [Reply to comment]

Made these a few weeks ago for a Halloween play date and they were a huge hit. I used crystallized ginger. So yummy and super easy!

Panya said... [Reply to comment]

Pumpkin is a fruit, like all squash. :-)

Did you really put mini cookies in, or is that a typo?

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