Eating, Shopping and 89th Birthday in the East Bay (Mini-Break Day 2a)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mama's Royal Cafe - Oakland, CA
Mama's Royal Cafe - Worth the wait in the rain!

Mama's Royal Cafe - Oakland, CA

On Sunday (Day 2, Part a) of my mini-break, I met up with my dear friend Pam to eat and shop in the East Bay (Berkeley and Oakland). We started the day at Mama's Royal Cafe in Oakland. We split the scrambled eggs and buttermilk pancakes. The pancakes were yummy and their salsa had bits of carrot in it - interesting! And the jam is very good!

Gary Holt Pottery - Berkeley, CA
Inside Gary Holt's Pottery Studio

Sumi gave me the heads up about a sale at two potters in Berkeley. Their studios are near the shops on 4th Street. I purchased one item at Gary Holt Pottery and one at Mary Law Pottery.

Oh, how I love, love, love ceramics. I don't have pictures of what I purchased...but look for them in coming weeks on the blog! :)

Caffe Trieste in Berkeley - 89th Birthday of Papa Gianni
We went to a couple nurseries and cactus shops (Pam likes to garden and I like to dream about a house with a huge garden and lots of fruit trees). Then we stopped by Caffe Trieste in Berkeley for a drink.

How lucky are we? The owner of Caffe Trieste, "Papa" Gianni Giotta, was celebrating his 89th birthday and they had a live band.

Vik's Chaat Corner, Berkeley, CA
Masala Dosa at Vik's Chaat Corner

Finally, a snack at Vik's Chaat Corner in Berkeley, California. We both got the Masala Dosa. The dosa is one of my favorite Indian dishes - a huge crepe of rice and lentil flour filled with potatoes served with a coconut chutney and lentil soup.

Pam (of Pam Jam fame) and the dosa. Good times.

And...can you believe, I went to the House of Prime Rib after this?!? That's the next post!

More photos on my Flickr account - San Francisco 2009 Set
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Maria said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for sharing your trip photos! I love San Fran! GLad you had such a great time!

eatme_delicious said... [Reply to comment]

Ooo can't wait to see the pottery!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like another fun day in the Bay Area!

Susan C said... [Reply to comment]

Can't wait to see your new ceramic pieces.

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