Mini-Yogurt Cake with Strawberries

Friday, May 15, 2009

Food Librarian - Mini Yogurt Cake and Strawberries
Mini-Yogurt Cakes with Strawberries and Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt

Today's my last day visiting my friends Racheal and Lee in the DC area. Yesterday, I made a light dessert with some ingredients we had on hand.

Food Librarian - Mini Yogurt Cake and Strawberries
And yes, those are glass coasters! :)

Adapted from the Barefoot Contessa's Lemon Yogurt Cake
This is 1/4 of Ina's recipe, and it made 5 regular size cupcakes.

sift together (dry):
1/4 c + 2 T flour, 1/2 t baking powder, dash of salt

whisk together (wet):
1/4 c yogurt (I used French vanilla Yoplait yogurt), 1/4 c sugar, 1 egg, 1/2 t zest (I used orange because that is what we had on hand), 1/8 t vanilla

oil: 2 T oil (I used vegetable oil, but have also used olive oil)

1. Combine the wet and dry ingredients until smooth.
2. Fold in oil until combined.
3. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes, until toothpick comes out clean.
4. This only makes 5 cupcakes...if you want the full recipe for a loaf or cake pan, click here.

Ina's recipe has a lovely lemon syrup, but I didn't have any lemons. I split the cupcake and spread some strawberry jam in the center with diced strawberries. I filled and topped one of them with the remaining Yoplait vanilla yogurt.

Food Librarian - Mini Yogurt Cake and Strawberries
The lemon sauce would have been great on this, but luckily the fresh California strawberries were nice and tasty.

Racheal's breakfast baby shower
Since Racheal's big blowout California baby shower was postponed because she is now on modified bed rest for early contractions, I made a small breakfast shower to present her with gifts from friend and former neighbor, Diane and me. Yes, that's the Cinnamon Chocolate Bundt cake I love so much! :)

And if you think Racheal and I just sat around vegging out and eating for a week, you are wrong. We had a book discussion group too! Well, sorta. We watched both BBC's "Colin Firth in his glory" Pride and Prejudice as well as Bridget Jones's Diary. Then we had a lively discussion comparing the two movies that are based on Jane Austen's classic. Deep, in-depth discussions of Mr. Darcy's gaze at Elizabeth while she played the pianoforte, and when Mark Darcy looks at Bridget during her blue soup dinner! And, we discussed the latest issue of People...since we both read it cover-to-cover. Such an academic vacation, no?

Racheal's breakfast baby shower
If the mom is this cute in these hooded towels, the baby boy is going to be adorable. Before the trip, I took my mom with me to Babies R Us and she was amazed there was a whole wall dedicated to pacifiers...times have changed from cloth diapers!

Racheal's breakfast baby shower
Thanks Racheal and Lee for letting me stay at your new house! I enjoyed hanging out with you and your three other sons, cats Jake, Elwood and Samson! Can't wait to see you when you visit Los Angeles with your newest Baby Boy in October! Love, Auntie Mary
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Eliana said... [Reply to comment]

You are an amazing friend. your cake looks incredible.

Pearl said... [Reply to comment]

you are SUCH a sweet friend! my goodness :)

and your friend is absolutely beautiful - she's glowing!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Food Librarian, this apron is perfect for you:


Teanna said... [Reply to comment]

Those are absolutely gorgeous! I hope you had a great time in DC! You are such a good friend!

Patricia @ ButterYum said... [Reply to comment]

Adorable mini cakes and I love how you used the coasters.

Also, that outfit your friend Rachael is wearing is the cutest maternity ensemble ever!!! Looks so much more classy than "wear all your non-maternity t-shirts and sweats and just let your belly hang out" trend that we've seen so much of recently.

oneordinaryday said... [Reply to comment]

Your little cakes are beautiful.
What a lucky friend you have.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Yay! It sounds like it was a great visit. Love that you threw a modified baby shower.

The cakes look wonderful.

Marta said... [Reply to comment]

These look lovely, very cute on the coasters too! I'm glad you've enjoyed your time with your friend, you're lucky to have each other, a good friend is priceless :)

How To Eat A Cupcake said... [Reply to comment]

So smart to use those glass coasters! What a sweet post! :D

Chocolaty Lifestyle said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, this one's looking totally great! :))

Steph said... [Reply to comment]

Those look super cute!

J.L. Danger said... [Reply to comment]

you are such a good friend!

Mary Ann said... [Reply to comment]

Those little cakes look delicious!
and what a cute idea for the gifts. yum!

Deeba PAB said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous dessert for gorgeous friends by a gorgeous friend! WOW!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Okay, where is the door that says, through here you will style food like Martha and take perfect pictures to boot? I mean, where do you come from? Beautiful post.

Maria said... [Reply to comment]

I love that cake, the mini version is looking GOOD! Great post! You are amazing!

eatme_delicious said... [Reply to comment]

That cake looks delicious!

Lucky friend of yours to have you pampering her as you did. =)

vibi said... [Reply to comment]

You're soooo nice!!!

From the pictures, I have to admit that well... pregnancy otehr than making us beautiful, does have a tendancy to also make us do silly things! LOL

The minis cakes are simply wonderful, delicate and precious... OH! MY!

marae said... [Reply to comment]

Those look so yummy and FRESH. It's prob as hot as it is in LA as it is for us in the North area of CA... these desserts look COOL.

Foodiewife said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you! I made this cake last week, and I wondered how it would do for strawberry shortcake. BTW, I used Greek nonfat yogurt and the cake turned out perfectly. I never thought to make cupcakes-- then again, I don't have nearly the talent that you have with baking.

AmyRuth said... [Reply to comment]

Ah I loved this post. You made your Mommy-to-be-friend a "Star." How sweet are you to have such a lovely meal. That was a beautiful table. I love your little coasters too. Also, I never tire of watch P & P. over and over again. he he
Nice post.

Di said... [Reply to comment]

I love the little yogurt cakes. I'll have to try that recipe. And I love the pictures of the shower. I have a friend at work who is pregnant and I can't wait to go shopping for cute stuff for her. =)

Ingrid_3Bs said... [Reply to comment]

Those look so yummy! And how easily you adapted the recipe.

Good luck to your friend!

John said... [Reply to comment]

Look so good. I'm hungry now

Mermaid Sews said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you had a great visit. I love that Ina recipe, sooo good. Great job on all the food.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I am the pregnant friend in this post and I agree that Mary is the greatest friend ever. She totally surprised me with this beautiful baby shower brunch for two (and a half if you count the baby in my belly). We had such a special time together. I am blessed beyond words to have such a good friend who would fly all the way from So. Cal. to stay with me for a week in D.C. to help me out while I'm on bed rest for early contractions. I will never forget what she did for me and hope to tangibly show my gratitude toward her someday by helping her out and showering her with lots of love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xoxoxo Racheal

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]


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