Spitz & Cafe Dulce, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spitz - The Home of the Doner Kebab

As I mentioned in my last post (My Thoughts Over Time), I met friends for lunch in downtown LA. We stopped by Spitz on 2nd Street in Little Tokyo. I've never been (I always seem to stop at T.O.T.) and it was yummy! It's a bar/restaurant, good prices, fresh food, lots of options, and delicious sweet potato fries. Menu here.

Spitz, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
The combo comes with a sandwich or wrap, beverage and fries or a salad. I got the super blurry Mediterranean Garden plate (lower left) (Hey, cell phone photos. And total tangent here: I'm excited to get the new Samsung 4 next month when my contract is up!)

Cafe Dulce, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
Top photo (L-R): Spirulina churro, Sweet potato Roti, Green Tea donut
Bottom (L-R): Green Tea (donut filled with yummy light cream), Roti (super light and delicious, filled with a little sweet potato), Churro (it's chewy and fried...yum!)

Yes, I realize that I should have made the collage to correspond to the photo above it...but I wanted your mind to work. And I've gotten pretty good at cutting food into thirds with a plastic knife #lifeskills

After Spitz, we hit up Cafe Dulce in the Japanese Village Plaza (between 1st and 2nd Streets in Little Tokyo). OMG. This place is great. I come here a lot (check my instagram for proof).

Okay. My review for both places: Go.

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
Spitz: Website | Yelp
Cafe Dulce: Website | Yelp
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