Manhattan Beach Yuletide 5K Run 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Manhattan Beach Yuletide 5K Dec 2012
Manhattan Beach Yuletide 5K

Yesterday, my friend Melissa and I ran the Manhattan Beach Yuletide 5K on the beach. This was my first time running this race in the glow of the moon, holiday lights on the pier and glow necklaces.

The 5K goes from the Manhattan Beach Pier to 45th Street and back. After, they had a kid's run with adorable and fast little tots. Many people dress up with outstanding costumes and hats. Some were wearing full-on battery-powered Christmas lights wrapped around themselves and sometimes their strollers...very cute!

Getting my glow sticks on at the manhattan beach 5k.
Everyone received a glow necklace that reminds you of a carnival or Disneyland. It was also FREEZING. Um, I know the use of the word "freezing" by a native Los Angeles girl may be laughed at by others...but it was really cold outside. The low was 48 degrees on Saturday and it felt it.

Manhattan Beach Christmas 5K run on the beach! It's freezing...but festive.
The Manhattan Beach Pier is decorated with simple lights and the "tree" at the end of the pier was a beacon of "you are almost done." I've never run on the beach as I usually have Ms. Cidney the Dog with me (only a few Los Angeles area beaches allow dogs on the beach). It was harder than asphalt but oh so beautiful. Running under the moonlight with the waves rolling besides you...if it weren't so dark, it would totally be a postcard of beautiful Los Angeles living.
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Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

How cool is that?! I love running at night now. I think the glow sticks is such a great idea! How is your new watch working out for you??

The Food Librarian said... [Reply to comment]

@Unknown Dear "unknown" (#1), The watch is great. I haven't uploaded the info yet, but the really big numbers are great when you are walking or running. I thought it would be too big for my wrist, but it is working fine. - mary

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Mary, "Unknown" is me, Liz N (mrschef05). I have no idea why it shows up that way when I post comments via Google! I'm doing a 5K in Long Beach on New Year's morning (before I join my hubby's annual celebration at Grandma's). I'm looking forward to some ozoni, wontons, finger jello, red beans and mochi!

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