Johnson & Wales University and BlogMary Conference, New England

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Johnson & Wales collage 1
Continuing my New England adventures...

Helen's daughter Rosie is a junior at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. She's in the Pastry Arts program and is busy learning about the biz-side of the hospitality industry now. (Hey Rosie, how's the accounting class going?! ;)

Johnson & Wales collage 4
It was "Parent's Weekend" at the University. Since Rosie isn't a lost freshman (not that she ever was one), we skipped all the official programs and hung out with Rosie and her friends. And OMG, have you been to a college campus lately? I'm jealous of Rosie's dorm/apartment. Four girls with individual rooms, full-size beds, own vanity sink, dishwasher, etc. Nicer than many of my apartments post-UCLA!

 BlogMary New England 2011
You've heard of the FoodBuzz conference? How about BlogHer Food? Well, the conference to be at was the BlogMary Conference in Connecticut (of course, made up of people named Mary! ;) Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet and I have been internet friends since 2008 (it all started with her emailing me asking for Los Angeles restaurant recommendations for a west coast wedding) and we finally got to meet! We call ourselves "East Coast" and "West Coast" Mary. Like the rap artists...sans the rivalry and unsolved murders, and with more baked goods.

New England collage 2
We totally lucked out on the weather. It rained at night and was perfect during the day! How sweet is that? We walked along the Connecticut coast, picking up some shells and sea glass. See the third photo? The sand is this color because the granite you find on your countertops is local! Coolness.

Do you want a trippy experience? Go to New England with someone from the "Old" or "Original" England.
Sample dialogue with Geordie (Northern England) Helen:
-  Oh, Colchester! That's in Essex back home
-  Oh, this area looks like North Yorkshire! Just like home....
-  Oh, Bristol! Oh, Manchester!
After passing New Britain and New London while in New England, Rosie and I say: Hum, your peeps weren't that original with the names, huh?

New Englad Trip collage 1
East Coast Mary took us to Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, CT. Ahhhhh...delicious! And almost even better the next day for breakfast. The line is long, but totally worth it. The pizzas are huge and served on sheet trays. Locally made soda from Foxon Park is available too. It was truly a New England weekend! Don't forget to go next door to get Italian ice squeezes - perfect ending to many many slices of pizza!

BlogMary New England 2011
And before eating all this pizza, Mary treated us to lovely locally made treats. This Feta Pesto spread is heaven on a plate! We also had the lovely Bundts pictured above...look for it during my upcoming I Like Big Bundts 3 series. Mary is even nicer, smarter and prettier than she is "online" - funny how them interwebs brings people together. I've never even heard Mary's voice until we drove up, and then our day was spent like old friends drinking lots of tea, hanging out and watching Modern Family.

On behalf of my friend for a zillion years, Helen and I want to thank Mary & lovely her family and Rosie & her friends for making our quick trip so much fun!!

Mary, I'm waiting for you & J and the shorties to come visit LaLaLand, L-E-G-O land and D-I-S-N-E-Y land. Rosie, keep singing Adelle on the top of your lungs, build houses with Habitat, and enjoy your undergrad years!
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Mary said... [Reply to comment]

Hooray for girls named Mary, wherever they might live :). Hi to R, H and yourself :)....

nycstylelittlecannoli said... [Reply to comment]

everything looks wonderful! I visited the Culinary Institute in Hudson River Valley and I wanted to hide in the bakery dept. ! Great photos and post, have a great night!!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

How very cool and fun! So glad you got to visit ECM and Pepe's Pizza...the jewels of Connecticut!

Nancy/n.o.e said... [Reply to comment]

I've had the pleasure of meeting East Coast Mary irl too, and some day I might get a chance to meet you - fingers crossed! Each time I meet an internet friend in person, it's the voice thing that really gets me - it's always weird, but luckily it wears off quickly and we end up chatting like the old friends that we are!

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