Los Angeles Marathon 2011...Rain, Run, Rain, Run

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LA Marathon 2011 Fans
Los Angeles Marathon 2011 with Santa and Vuvuzelas.
Remember last year's Los Angeles Marathon and the debut of the Daveypop? Well, my friends and I headed out to cheer Dave and Phil during this year's LA Marathon. Unlike last year's nice weather, this time is was All rain. All day long.

LA Marathon 2011 Mile 7
First, friends Helen and Alison and I camped out at Mile 7 in Silverlake. We met this English chap who was cheering for his cousin Sally Baker. We got there early enough to see the wheelchair and elite racers speed by. It was mind boggling how fast they were going...and that they would keep up that pace for so many more miles!!

LA Marathon 2011 Dave
Then the rain started and never let up. But it was so worth it to see Dave run by! Dave organized the Noah's Wish Charity team that raised over $28,000! Awesome!

LA Marathon Phil Mile 7
Our friend Phil also ran the marathon. We saw him at Mile 7 too! It is easier to find people when we are holding signs of one of their faces!

LA Marathon Mile 18
After seeing Dave & Phil at Mile 7, we hopped in the car and got ourselves to Mile 18. It was pissing rain. Just crazy rain. And freezing cold. I don't know how the 23,000 runners did it...you are all amazing! Hundreds had to be treated for hypothermia! Hypothermia!!!

Congrats Dave, Phil and all the runners in the Los Angeles Marathon! You all rock!!!

P.S. I ran the LA Marathon's 5K the day before...that's the next post! Also, you can read Dave's post about his marathon on his blog! - mary
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Mary said... [Reply to comment]

It looks you are all having like fun, even in the rain.

Davery said... [Reply to comment]

No words can express how much it means to have friends like you and Helen who brave the rain to cheer us on. Makes all the difference in the world! Now to work on the waterproof Daveypop design!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I love the frolic around in the rain.. never ran a marathon in the rain though.. sounds like super fun.

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