Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sorry I haven't been blogging in a bit...summer has been crazy busy. I'm finally catching up on some posts and baking again. So, here goes a few more restaurant posts from my trip to the Bay Area. Yeah, I think this is Restaurant Week #523. - mary

Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA
My friend Pam and her adorable 9 month old son, Toby and I went to Vik's Chaat in Berkeley for some Indian food. We've been before...but now they have a new location.

Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA
This is the most beautiful sign around. The new Vik's Chaat location has a freaking parking lot. Awesome!

Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA
Vik's new location has the same system of ordering at the counter and then listening intensely for your name to be called over the speaker. The acoustics are kinda bad for it, and the speaker usually holds the microphone too close to his mouth, and there might be an accent. Somehow, we all get our food. And now they have different sections for dosa, special of the day, etc.

Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA
Pam and I got the Masala Dosa. I love the Dosa. One of the best Indian dishes on the planet.

Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA
I love how big the dosa (thin savory crepe) can be!

Vik's Chaat, Berkeley, CA
This vegetarian dosa is filled with potatoes and curry. Pam and I seem to always get the same thing so I can't really tell you about the rest of the menu! :)

And the best thing about Vik's? Cute little Toby, of course! How cute is he?! I wanted to put him in my bag and bring him home. Hopefully, Pam will come down soon for Toby's first visit to the Los Angeles area. We have some great India food, please come down! Next up, a trip to Ici in Berkeley for some ice cream and sorbet!


Vik's Chaat
2390 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 644-4432
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Mary said... [Reply to comment]

Three quick things....1) how adorably adorable is that baby? 2) I love indian food and used to steal my roommates' indian food from home out of the freezer in our apartment and then deny it while smelling of cury :). 3) How great is Mad Men right now? Best Season Ever.

The College Baker said... [Reply to comment]

I love that you've been trying out restaurants in the Bay Area! I'm currently residing in Berkeley, and it's been interesting to see pictures from all the places I've heard of. And I absolutely LOVE Ici (I go at least once a week) so I'm looking forward to your post on it :)

Beth said... [Reply to comment]

Wish I lived closer to Berkeley. That meal looks amazing!

Pauline said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Mary! Wow! You're around Berkeley and Orange County like me! That's so cool. I know most of the places that you've been blogging about on your restaurant week posts, and it excites me to know that a blogger that I admiringly follow is in such close proximity to me. You've definitely hit up some nice places in Irvine and Berkeley, and there's a lot more out there dying to be tried out. That'd be cool if we and other bloggers met up for a luncheon in the East Bay or in SoCal some time. Anyways, I've enjoyed and am always enjoying your posts. Thanks! ~Pauline

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