Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes
Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

The Cherry Blossoms trees are starting to bloom (sakura season).
The wildflowers are blossoming with amazing patches of colors.
And them Brownies and Girl Scouts are out selling crack.

Yes, it's almost Spring.

Besides having "jet lag" from the one hour time change, it is Girl Scout Cookie Season. So when a little girl dressed in brown or green tilts her head (very important aspect of the sales pitch) and says in a sweet voice, "Would you like to buy Girl Scout cookies?" you just automatically reach in your wallet and pull out a wad.

I made Martha Stewart's One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcake as a base with one sleeve of crushed Thin Mints added (in 2009, the sleeves are shrinking so that is 16 Thin Mint cookies - I believe they had 18 cookies previously).

Frosting is one 8 oz. block of cream cheese and 1 cup of powdered sugar and some vanilla.

Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes
I broke some Thin Mints to garnish the cupcakes...of course, some of the pieces weren't suitable and I had to eat them quickly!

I made 24 Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes (the frosting was light - if you want to twirl it wider or higher, use 2 blocks of cream cheese and 2 cups of powdered sugar).

Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes
I'll tell you the truth. I never made it to Girl Scouts! I was a Brownie but then our adult leader moved away so I never went higher. Well, I hope this cupcake is Girl Scout Badge Worthy. :)

Recipes: Martha Stewart's One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcake
Frosting: one 8 oz. block of cream cheese and 1 cup of powdered sugar with some vanilla.
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AmyRuth said... [Reply to comment]

What's not to love about these girls? We all love those thin mints!

Mumsy said... [Reply to comment]

Just when I decided not to order any GS cookies this year...

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Ok, I have to make those for St. Pat's day....! What a great idea. And I love your swirl - can I ask what piping tip you use? Those look so delicious - I've made Martha's one-bowl recipe twice and my cupcakes have always fell in the middle during baking... I'll have to work on that... Beautiful presentation!

Esi said... [Reply to comment]

I was totally a girl scout...sold cookies at that supermarket and all that jazz. The girl scouts were EVERYWHERE this weekend market, TJs, I couldn't escape them. I was thinking of doing my friend's cheesecake with the thin mints, but now you have me wanting cupcakes.

Elyse said... [Reply to comment]

I never graduated to the Girl Scouts either. I was a perpetual Brownie before quitting! Doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for Thin Mints (among the other cookies). These cupcakes look divine! Can't wait to try out the recipe!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

mm these look great! i love gs cookies and still need to get some..

Miette said... [Reply to comment]

Mmmmh... what an excellent idea ! I love the topping !



Donna-FFW said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome cupcakes. Unique idea. I love how they look. Love it! Can't beat these flavors. I'm going to buy this type of cookie next time the girls come around JUST to make these:)

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous! I didn't order any GS cookies this year but now I wish I had :)

Janssen said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, that looks DIVINE. Wow.

CookingCourtney said... [Reply to comment]

those look so good! we have no girl scouts here so i've never tried before!

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said... [Reply to comment]

Now if the girl scouts came with a bos of these, I'd buy them all up! They look great!

Jennifer said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, what a fabulous creation!!!!

Maria said... [Reply to comment]

Oh yum! The cupcakes look most delicious!

CB said... [Reply to comment]

Mmmm... girl scout cookies + cupcakes. Practically the perfect food. ;)

PheMom said... [Reply to comment]

Oh no! I am pretty sure I would snarf every single one of those. Wow!

grace said... [Reply to comment]

awesome idea. martha's cupcakes never had it so good. :)

The Blonde Duck said... [Reply to comment]

If you make them out of the do-si-dos, I think I'll swoon. It's a good thing I'm allergic to chocolate or I'd be whipping these up!

Jodie said... [Reply to comment]

These look great! Samoas are my fave, thin mints are a close second!

tavolini said... [Reply to comment]

oh yum--I love thin mints. And samoas!

The cream cheese frosting looks excellent too. I love Martha Stewart's recipes--they are extremely consistent.

Deborah said... [Reply to comment]

Yummy!! I ordered cookies, but haven't seen them yet. This makes me want some now!

Audrey said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, I have one box left, which I'm hoping I'll forget about for a while only to have the joy of finding it again. I've been ogling all the homemade GS cookie recipes on the web, not that that would ever stop me from supporting the Girl Scouts. It's a tough job, but I feel obliged as a former Scout to help them out. A lot. This looks like a much more feasible homemade GS cookie treat!

Karen said... [Reply to comment]

Can you believe I haven't seen any Girl Scouts selling cookies this year! Maybe that's a good thing ;)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Such Nostalgia, I remember I was a Girl Scout once = ) and a Brownie, You are fabulously talented, gosh they look so cute and darling.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Good thing you were there to eat the unsuitable pieces! You could always call me if you need assistance. :P

Your cupcakes sound and look delicious. You can't go wrong with Thin Mints!

Mary Ann said... [Reply to comment]

To die for! I ordered some gs cookies because my hubby loves them, but forgot he was going to be gone! I should just ship him the cookies. after I make these cupcakes, of course. Delicious!

Jennifer said... [Reply to comment]

I admit it, I was a brownie and took it very seriously. I think I lived in that uniform one year. Thank you for an idea on whatto do with those cookies because, yes, since we are drugged when they come, we order way too many.

Monica H said... [Reply to comment]

I have one sleeve of Thin Mints left, when I open them I'll be sure to count them and let you know how many are in there. Also, my sleeve is wrapped in a foil wrapper, not clear likes yours. hmmmm.

Mandy said... [Reply to comment]

this is definitely badge worthy! chocolate cupcake, cream cheese frosting, girl scout thin mint, what is not to love?!

J.L. Danger said... [Reply to comment]

Oh man! My MIL just bought us SIX boxes of these things. Now I know what to make with them!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said... [Reply to comment]

What pretty cupcakes! They look really scrumptious! Nice flavor combo...



How To Eat A Cupcake said... [Reply to comment]

Great idea adding thin mints to an already fabulous cupcake recipe! This reminds me of when I used to work at a bakery and we garnished the cheesecakes with cookie slices... whenever the cookie slices were "accidentally" broken we'd eat them! :D

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

That is one good thing about not shopping at Trader Joe's in Pasadena anymore...not having to deal with those little Girl Scout demons in their cute little uniforms! I love GS cookies a little too much: thin mints, samosas, lemonades, peanut butter patties - yum.

Your cupcakes look delish!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Delish! If only I could FIND Girl Scout cookies. They are hiding from me!!!

DeeDee said... [Reply to comment]

Holy yummy! Those cupcakes look super tasty, will have to try as I picked up several packs of the thin mints. Thanks for the recipe :-)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Your cupcakes look great!

I love Girl Scout cookies but I don't know any Girl Scouts so I can't get any cookies.

Mary said... [Reply to comment]

I am going to copy this idea and use up some of the frozen thin mints stashed in the extra freezer..brilliant. I was in Girl Scouts for a little while..all we did is work on getting silly badges and was much lamer than didn't miss anything.

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

I wanted to combine this cookie and a cupcake and you've done all the work for me in advance! Can't wait to make them. Thanks!!

Pamela said... [Reply to comment]

Oh no you didn't!?! These look amazing!

betty geek said... [Reply to comment]

Hehe, very cool! :)

Maggie said... [Reply to comment]

My husband would go crazy for these, me I'm a dedicated Samoas fan. I need to try and make a homemade version of them.

Teri Lyn Fisher said... [Reply to comment]

umm yes please. what a great idea.

Y said... [Reply to comment]

Chocolate + Mint = Yum!

What perfect looking cupcakes :)

April said... [Reply to comment]

Thin mints AND cream cheese frosting! What a tasty sounding combo.

Nina said... [Reply to comment]

I totally made these today for St. Paddy's day. They came out amazing, but I did do something different, but same cupcake. The frosting I made was a peppermint frosting, but the cupcakes came out beautifully.

Thank you!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hey Mary...Where did you get the cupcake carrier? I'm assuming it comes with a cover. Do you like it?

The Food Librarian said... [Reply to comment]

Leah, that is the coolest 18 cupcake carrier by Tupperware. However, I think it only comes in a crazy yellow now and not blue anymore. It is called the "rectangle cake taker" on their website. I love it.

Nina said... [Reply to comment]

I know already posted about my cupcakes, but I just have to gush about them. When I had brought them to my meeting, everyone was in love. Thank you!

Dazy said... [Reply to comment]

I'm making this tonight. I think I'll try to shoot it, but I don't think it will be as pretty as your picture!

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