Heatwave Mommy & Me Cookies

Monday, September 3, 2007

It was so unbelievably hot this Labor Day weekend I tried to do everything possible to stay cool. Of course, that would include turning on the oven to 350°.

I decided to take my mom out to the movie theater just so I could sit in air-conditioning for a few precious hours. I wisely decided against watching Superbad with my mother and opted for the period piece Becoming Jane with that Princess Diary girl, Anne Hathaway. Not a bad movie, but anything is wonderful with the side of air-conditioning.

I'm suffering from baking withdrawal so I had my mom help me make these Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies. I got this recipe from Jami's mom. My hands are okay to measure the ingredients, and my KitchenAid mixer did most of the manual labor, but I couldn't squeeze the ice cream scoop to dole out the cookie dough. These cookies have dark chocolate and unsweetened chocolate melted with a stick of butter, eggs, sugar, semisweet chocolate chips, and your usual dry ingredients. They are very very chocolatey.

Mom helping me sift the dry ingredients

More ibuprofen all the time (my stomach is hating life), physical therapy and doctor's visits this week. Ugh. But at least I'm looking forward to Duluth! :)

Check out my friend Dave's blog for updates on his travels to Europe. He is going to run in a marathon in France, and just arrived to a sweet hotel in London. I'm jealous!
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