San Francisco Food Crawl

Sunday, September 30, 2007

You know when those young people today turn 21, do the pub crawl and then end up on videos sold on late night infomercials? Well, I did that in SF from Thursday-Sunday. Okay, minus the alcohol. And minus the drunken behavior. Okay, sure, add in good food. And it is EXACTLY the same.

Came up with my college roommate to see our old RA from the UCLA Sproul Hall dorms, but work schedules went crazy, and Agnes and I spent our time eating, visiting friends, and acting like tourists. Here are a few photos:

What's great about traveling with someone?
Splitting food so you can have two tastes!
After we arrived on Thursday, we ate some pizza at Escape from New York in the Haight. Later, we had dessert at
Crepes on Cole with some Nutella and Banana crepes (pictured) and a strawberry jam crepe.

Holy Moly. We went to Burma Super Star on Clement and 4th with another college roommate, Diane. I'll be forever in debt to Librarian Jessica (guest blogger #2) for this recommendation. Staff was so friendly, food was delicious and I can't wait to return. Photo #1: The famous Tea Leaf Salad with nuts, sesame seeds, garlic and all things delicious - as the menu says, "It's a party in the mouth!". #2: Delicious coconut rice and Tan Poi rice (Basmati with cardamom, cinnamon, raisins and nuts). #3: Pumpkin (kabocha) and shrimp stew.

Friday morning: Enjoyed this caramel-filled muffin and lemon topped mini-cookie/tart at the Boulange de Cole Valley

We happened to enter the SF City Hall at the exact moment a tour was beginning! The SF City Hall Tour was definitely an unexpected highlight! It was a wonderful tour and our docent, Judy was lovely. Free tours three times a day - be sure to check it out. You'll learn the history of the City Hall clocks, and watch a few weddings. We even saw Gavin walk out of his office!

Don't let cynical people tell you "Dreams Don't Come True." They Do.
I dreamt of coming back to Delica in the Ferry Building for the roast beef sushi, and here I was. We met up with Cousin Stan and David. Yum. Yum. Yum.
Stan introduced us to an awesome chocolate spot in the Ferry Building: Recchiuti Confections.

We met Brian (just moved back to the Bay Area last Friday!) for dinner at Zazie, a wonderful French bistro in the Cole Valley. Brian and Agnes had Zazie Burgers and I had the Grilled Salmon. The bread was sooooo delicious we had to ask for more rolls!

We got up early on Saturday and took the Muni to the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked across the bridge and back on a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun was out and the wind was slight. Lovely! After, we went to the massive Big Book Sale to benefit the San Francisco Public Library at Fort Mason. To all San Francisco residents: Be sure to vote Yes on D to renew the library fund!

After all the shopping and walking, we stopped at Bittersweet Cafe on Fillmore Street. Cousin Stan recommended it and it was sooooo delicious. I had the dairy-free bittersweet drink and Agnes had the classic hot chocolate. Amazing!! Wonderful!! Chocolate heaven!!

Can you believe we were still up to eating?! We ended our Saturday at Thanh Long on Judah and 46th. This is the original An family have probably heard of their other restaurant Crustacean in SF and Bev Hills. We had the famous garlic noodles (to die for), shaken beef (party in the mouth), seasonal veggies (fresh and perfect), and grilled calamari (squid is my friend).

Two tarts from Tart to Tart on Irving. We were too stuffed to eat these last night and ate them on Sunday morning after our second walk across the bridge!

Finally, the last supper (or lunch). Pam (of Pam Jam fame) and I went strollin' in the Mission on a really beautiful day! We ended up at eating a huge falafel platter. I must have been very hungry because I forgot to photograph the platter AND get the name of the place!
Here is Pam - about the eat the very last bite before I scream, "Photo!"

Well, that was a great 4 days!

Note to F."S."S.: Agnes and I were thinking about you the whole time and will come back as soon as you are done to take you away!

Here I am walking across the GG Bridge (eating an apple, of course!)

Did you think I photographed everything? Well, I didn't...Not pictured: Escape from NY Pizza in the Haight, small cafe near Fort Mason for sandwiches, popcorn at the book sale, lots of red grapes, bananas and gala apples, vast quantities of Choice peppermint tea and Mike & Ike candies during the DVD - Stranger than Fiction!

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Ohhhh! I am so jealous and hungry! everything looks really yummy. I cannot wait to try delica. By the by, is the falafel place you ate at Ali Baba's Cave on Valencia (see Yelp),

This place is soo good!


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