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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food Librarian here. I haven't been baking, but I've been eating!

This weekend, I went to Disneyland and rode the new Finding Nemo submarine ride. It was okay, and I feel they did the best job they could. Blogger now allows you to post videos so here's my first attempt.

But my favorite was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride where you can both ride and shoot targets. I scored 88,900 points! (That makes me a Level 3 player!). Since all the kids are in school, the lines are really short. 10 minutes to Pirates, 20 minutes to Space Mountain... it was great.

We planned to have lunch at the Blue Bayou, but they had sprinkler-system problems so they gave us a 40% off coupon for the Wine Country Trattoria [Speech software wrote: track to read] at California Adventure. It was actually quite tasty and super cheap with the discount! Of course, that left money for my favorite corn dog on the planet. Normally, I would get the corn dog from the original red stand just right of Main Street in Disneyland, but I read on Chowhound that California Adventure also sells them. After "Soaring Over California" (I never get tired of that ride!), we headed to the Corn Dog Castle: Where Corn Dogs Rule. At this location, you can get a cheddar cheese corn dog and a hot links corn dog. I went for the original and Brian got the hot link. Both were excellent. It is covered in a thick batter of corn meal so it's almost like a hush puppy and a hot dog... all on a stick. I simply love food on a stick - kabobs, pineapple spears, frozen bananas, chicken sate...and I even love things on toothpicks! Brian is leaving for his new job up at Stanford (Good Luck Brian!) and I think a superb corn dog is an excellent good-bye from So Cal.

Yes, Corn Dogs DO rule at the Corn Dog Castle!

As I continue on my "no baking to rest my hands, but lots of eating" campaign, I went to Musha in Torrance. It's a Japanese fusion izakaya restaurant. My friend Gary and I had some delicious treats... the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) dip, fried chicken with ponzu sauce, cheese risotto (served in a big block of cheese), and a lovely rib eye steak. Yum! [You really don't want to know what words my speech software tried to use for those Japanese words!]

Heading off to Duluth, MN tomorrow for fun south of the border (the northern border, of course!) I heard that the Larry Craig bathroom is now a tourist attraction! I'll check it out on my 5 hour layover!
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Have fun on vacation!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

since you're giving the food librarian new meaning by eating instead of baking perhaps we should look for a place to eat after you've returned from duluth...perhaps a trip to little ethiopia?

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