Senator Larry Craig's Wide Stance

Saturday, September 22, 2007

During my 5 hour layover in the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport on my way to Duluth, my gate changed three times (D6 to C7 to F11). This airport should be renamed the NWA airport as Northwest Airlines operates out of all 7 terminals. Sure, there are some token US Airways flights, but it is pretty much all Northwest. I do love their chairs in Gate D6 as they don't have the armrests and I was able to take a nice nap (before moving gates again).

Based on the numerous news reports, I knew that the (former) Senator Larry Craig bathroom was on the concourse near all the shops, next to the shoeshine shop, near the lottery store, and across from the DVD kiosk. And a large figurine of Snoopy would be out front. Within minutes getting off the plane at 6:00 am (4:00 am my time), I found it!

Not very exciting and certainly a very strange place to be in the mood for whatever Larry Craig was (allegedly) is in the middle of all the shops and THE busiest part of the airport. I did see another tourist taking a photo as well!
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