The Beach. In Duluth.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

On Sunday, we went to Enger Tower and Park. Funny, this place reminded me of Coit Tower in SF! There are great views of the city, Lake Superior and the St. Louis River.

We also went to the BEACH. Yes, the beach. In Duluth, Minnesota. That threw me at first, but there is a beach on the coast of Lake Superior in an area called Minnesota Point! There were even women in bikinis trying to catch the last few rays before winter. Yes, the Great Lakes are really great.

Minnesota Point is on the other side of the Duluth Canal area...and you have to cross that aerial bridge I saw on Friday. And I got bridged! A true Duluth experience! Our car was stopped for a ship from Cyprus (Note to Helen: Not Cypress)...I ran out of the car and took these photos of the ship and the aerial bridge lifting up.

I also got a chance to carry little Beatrice in the baby backpack. Being 22 pounds, she weighed as much as some big textbooks...only ones that move a little and are warm!

The view from Engel Tower

There is a lady in a bikini on the left. The temp was about 65 degrees and a bit windy.

We walked across the lift bridge to shop in the Canal area.
I picked up a small cutting board made in Duluth!

Getting bridged in Duluth!
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