Nutella Bread Pudding for World Nutella Day

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nutella Bread Pudding for World Nutella Day (2/5/2010)
Whoo Hoo!
February 5, 2010 is World Nutella Day. Sure, not as exciting as National Bundt Day (hello...what did you expect from me?!), but Nutella Day is fun.

Nutella Bread Pudding for World Nutella Day (2/5/2010)
Organized by Ms Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso, they have celebrated World Nutella Day for several years.

Nutella French Toast  for World Nutella Day (2/5/2010)
I started the morning by making a Nutella French Toast with my homemade Challah bread. Delicious way to start the day!

Nutella Bread Pudding for World Nutella Day (2/5/2010)
When I saw that my friend JustJenn developed a recipe for Nutella Bread Pudding, I was there!

And, as yesterday's post details, I made my first Challah bread in my baking course!
Challah + Nutella = Hella yes!

Nutella Bread Pudding for World Nutella Day (2/5/2010) Nutella Bread Pudding for World Nutella Day (2/5/2010)
Nutella Bread Pudding - JustJennRecipes

Notes: I used 12 of these absolutely cute mini-ramekins. They are 2.5 ounces and I picked them up at a restaurant supply store. They each hold about 1/2 cup of bread pieces. Jenn's recipe is for 8 regular size ramekins. I only needed half the custard to make my minis.

world nutella day 2010
Happy World Nutella Day!!
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Patricia @ ButterYum said... [Reply to comment]

I love the stuff... can't keep my spoon out of the jar!


Audrie said... [Reply to comment]

I need to try that recipe! And everyday is Nutella Day for me haha!

Snooky doodle said... [Reply to comment]

oh I love nutella and using it in a bread pudding is really interesting. must be delicious :)

kdiddy said... [Reply to comment]


I love Nutella. My son has a nut allergy and can't eat it. Isn't that the saddest thing?

Baking Zo said... [Reply to comment]

Any excuse for nutella!

DailyChef said... [Reply to comment]

I didn't know there was a Nutella Day! I celebrate a lot more than once a year ;)

Sook said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE nutella! My husband introduced me to it not too long ago and I love it. :) Th pudding looks fantastic.

Lilly Audrey said... [Reply to comment]

Nutella is a staple at our house, we say its the other chocolate! Thanks for the new idea and recipe!

The Food Hunter said... [Reply to comment]

I'm totally addicted to the stuff

Eliana said... [Reply to comment]

I love Nutella like you love bundts Mary :)

How To Eat A Cupcake said... [Reply to comment]

I've been craving bread pudding a lot lately! This looks fabulous!

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