Martha's Chocolate (Rock Hard) Pretzels

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chocolate Pretzel

This past weekend, Los Angeles started going to hell. Well, not literally...but we went through a huge heatwave. Records were broken all over town. Long Beach hit 95 degrees (35 C)!

So, of course, I turned on the oven and baked all weekend.

Chocolate Pretzel

Recently, I heard Border's Bookstores is going through some tough times (read: trying to prevent filing for bankruptcy protection), so I headed off to cash in my holiday gift card! I picked up the new Martha Stewart's Cookies book. Although you can get many of the recipes online through her website, this book captures all the classics and has some really wonderful photography.

I tried to make the Chocolate Pretzel cookies. First, they look so darn cute! I love me the Super Pretzel, so I wanted to make these cookies as soon as I saw the photo. And, I have a whole jar of sanding sugar I picked up at Surfas that I would get to use!

Unfortunately, I ended up with a rock hard, dry, and yucky mess. I actually spit it out. Now, I love Martha so I must have done something grossly wrong - and will try again later. Or, why don't you try and report back to me? Here is the recipe.

Chocolate Pretzel
Pre-sanding sugar. I don't know that I'm headed for disaster in 35 short minutes.

Chocolate Pretzel
Although these were inedible, I did enjoy taking some photos of them!
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