Pi Day Orange-Soaked Tea Cake

Friday, March 14, 2008

Orange-Soaked Tea Cake

Happy Pi Day!
I know I should have made a pie to honor the pi, but remember, I'm still terrified of the pie crust. (Yes, I will try to face this fear in 2008...it's on my resolution list)

Orange-Soaked Tea Cake
Orange-Soaked Tea Cake

I'm still on my citrus kick. However, I was too tired to pick up the tangerines called for in Gale Gand's "Tangerine-Soaked Tea Cake" from her book, Butter Flour Sugar Eggs (page 124) so it became an Orange-Soaked Tea Cake. Here is the recipe on the Food Network site.

The loaf has two sticks of butter and 1 cup of buttermilk. I had so much batter I was afraid it was going to crown over the loaf pan, so I made a little 4 x 2 round as well. Therefore, my loaf is a little flat - if you use the whole batter, I'm sure you'll get a nice looking full loaf. Also, I didn't line my pan with breadcrumbs.

Orange-Soaked Tea Cake

After baking, a solution of OJ, lemon juice and sugar is put on the warm loaf. Gale suggests using a turkey baster, but I just used my pastry brush. After it cools, you need to refrigerate the loaf.

People at work loved it. I thought it was a little dense and the orange was subtle, but I've come to realize that my "orange" palate is probably a little off. I think my love of tart lemon has messed me up! :)

I'm going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow to pick up some more oranges...I hope blood oranges are around. The citrus show (hopefully) continues!
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