Citrus Is Back! Orange Cake

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Orange Cake
Orange Cake (photo taken in the hot hot bright bright sun)

Orange Cake
Orange Cake dusted with powdered sugar (indoor shot)

Remember the horrible citrus freeze that wiped out much of California's crop last year? Well, it seems that one of my favorite citrus gems is back in full force! Oranges are on sale everywhere and I got a bunch of them.

So, of course, it is orange dessert time!

I made the Orange Cake from Gourmet (January 2004) available on epicurious.

Orange Cake Orange Cake
I infused the sugar with 4 teaspoons of zest. The recipe uses 1/4 cup fresh orange juice.
The final flavor is very subtle.

Orange Cake Orange Cake
The cake is dusted with powdered sugar. Next time, I might create a simple glaze of powdered sugar and orange juice to add a little shot of orange. This dessert is good, but it is definitely a tea cake...and you can eat a bunch of pieces!
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