March Madness at the Library

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MarchMadnessDisplay2008 004

Here is a look at the NCAA March Madness display at the library. My co-worker and I put it together...last year I decorated our small offices with basketballs and the bracket. We have both men's and women's championships represented too. We'll unlock the display after the games are played and update the brackets. Remember, no waging at the library.

MarchMadnessDisplay2008 014
My co-worker brought in his old Final Four tickets (only $10 back in the day!!), Final Four programs, and I used my UCLA hoop and ball!

MarchMadnessDisplay2008 026

My library friends might appreciate how I got the photos...another library was weeding their collection of Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine and I asked for their March and April issues! Thus, most of the photos are from over 5 years ago...but it's still basketball!

And my accounting friends will appreciate the fact that I made the brackets in Excel. Man, I love Excel about as much as my lemon squeezer. It's just so great.

MarchMadnessDisplay2008 025
Ah, John Wooden. The Wizard of Westwood! Get well soon, Coach Wooden!!

Gooooo UCLA Bruins in their big game against Stanford on Thursday!

(And I'll try to bring in some basketball themed desserts once the tourney gets started!)
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