Movies and Chocolate Cake

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Chocolate Cake, Movies, & Rain

I love movies! And since the last movie I saw was the dismal "Margot at the Wedding," I needed to cleanse my palate. (Scene from Margot - Nicole Kidman's character telling every parent, "You really need to get him tested for autism...")

This weekend I saw Persepolis and Juno, and made gingerbread and chocolate cake. Movies and Cake - a great combination, no?!

Both movies were wonderful! SEE THEM! I mean it. Stop reading this blog at work and start coughing. Look very infectious, get out, and go see these movies!

I made Martha Stewart's Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Frosting. I borrow the MS Baking video from the library (a collection of pieces from her show) and she made this cake. It was pretty easy except you mix everything by hand. I think I'll use the KitchenAid next time to rest my hands. You use Dutch-processed cocoa in the cake and frosting. The cake was good, but I didn't think it was the most moist cake I've ever had...but the frosting was excellent. It was really simple too - cocoa, butter and powdered sugar. This one didn't need 5 hours to make like Mrs. Milman's frosting! :)

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