Boston Pie

Friday, January 18, 2008

I tried to make a Boston Cream Pie.

Oh geez. How many posts begin, "I tried to make..."? Let's try a positive spin.

I made a Boston Pie.

What's a Boston Pie? The new undefeated New England Patriot's favorite dessert? Something you eat on the famous (and totally fun) Duck Tour?

No, it's what you get when you set out to make a Boston Cream Pie and end up tossing out the "pastry cream." Don't know what went wrong as I watched the Martha Stewart Baking video of her making this dessert about 10 times before trying it myself. Martha got a pastry cream...I got a congealed mass of all-messed-up-stuff-that-ain't-pastry-cream. Hello, Mr. Trashcan!

The sponge cake was easy to make and super yummy. Because the cake is not completely frosted, you butter and sugar the pan, leaving a nice light sugar coating around the edges. The chocolate topping is a simple ganache.

The Boston Cream Pie is the official state dessert! It is called "pie" because bakers had more pie pans than cake pans in the 1800's. They baked the cake in the pie pans, filled it with custard and cut it like a pie.
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