Picnic Brownies

Monday, May 28, 2007

After a hint from my friend, I've decided to bring brownies to the Memorial Day BBQ! I'm heading back to Cook's Illustrated Baking Illustrated book for brownies ("Chewy, Fudgy Triple-Chocolate Brownies", page 486.) New ingredients include bittersweet chocolate morsels for baking and unsweetened baking chocolate squares.

For this one, you use the double boiler technique to melt the chocolates and butter together before whisking in some cocoa powder.

Cook's recommends creating a sling-like devise to easily remove your brownies. You can use parchment paper or aluminum foil. See, you can just lift out your brownies! This is quite handy!

I find that the brownies are pretty dense. Very chocolately, but not as cakey as you get from a box. Cook's recommends cutting them into 1 inch squares because they are hefty. You are supposed to get 64 brownies, (8x8) but my edges were pretty brown so I ended up with about 36 pieces.
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