Banana Bread

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first attempt! After watching my poor bananas ripen on the counter for about a week, it was time to try the banana bread recipe. It's the first recipe in the book (page 24).

I went to my janky Ralphs market and bought new flour (unbleached) and sugar (C&H) and plain yogurt (Cook's like it full fat). I already had the butter (unsalted) from Trader Joe's.

I mixed the dry ingredients together in one bowl. Then I started on the wet ingredients. I peeled my very brown bananas and found that I let them go too far. Oh the humanity...overripe overripe bananas. I ended up cutting off a lot of the banana and only ended up with 1 cup of mashed banana when I need 1 1/2 cups. Shoot. I grabbed a very yellow banana without any spots and mashed that one up. I mix them all together and hope nobody notices.

Here is a photo of the bread - including the all-important cross section (If you watch New Dotch Cooking Show, you'll understand its importance).

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