She's a felon, but I got apple cake!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

After getting very frustrated with the blueberry muffin fiasco, I decided to switch tactics. I found Martha Stewart's website has instructional videos (clips from her show). These are a blessing as I'm such a visual learner. (I better tape America's Test Kitchen on PBS so I'll have a clue). It was important to see how long she mixed the batter - much longer than I would if left with written instructions such as "mix well."

Today, May 20, 2007, I watched Dorothy Mae Brown make her Apple Spice Cake on streaming video. The main ingredients are lots of flour, eggs, sugar and granny smith apples. And, baking soda. I'll never live that one down. Here's a look at the process.

The recipe calls for a caramel topping but they didn't demonstrate that on the video...I was on my own and I've never made caramel before. Caramel is amazing! It bubbles and bubbles, you stir and stir and your kitchen smells beyond sweet. It hardens as it cools...I hope I'm going to be able to cut the cake later. Anyway, I just regret not dipping some apples.

The cake is dotted with little fresh apple bites - yum! It filled the whole Bundt pan and is pretty dense. It is not very sweet and a good breakfast cake. Whew! Finally, something I can bring into work.
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