Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli from Everyday Food)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli)
Oh, the box. The box rocks.

Sometimes, it comes to my door with a big Amazon label and I do a little happy dance of retail therapy happiness.

And I can't name one person who doesn't love a big pink box from the bakery.

Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli)
Anyway, I often have a few boxes in the kitchen...a San Francisco treat!

I do enjoy the Rice-A-Roni (chicken flavor is my favorite). However, the crazy high sodium content and long list of "ingredients" with many syllables makes me long for a different recipe. I found this recipe for Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli on the Everyday Food website.

Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli) Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli)
1/2 onion, finely chopped, 1 ounce of angel hair pasta, and 2/3 c long grain white rice are the main ingredients. I tried to health it up a notch and used whole wheat angel hair pasta. Next time, I want to replace some of the white rice with long grain brown rice (might need to cook it a bit longer).

Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli) Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli)
Saute in a pan, just like the box and add low-sodium chicken broth. You can go vegan and make it with veggie broth or powder. I threw in a bunch of finely chopped Italian parsley at the end. Or you can use dried parsley and other dried herbs (like the box stuff).

Homemade Rice-a-Roni (Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli)
I still love you box. But this is a nice homemade version of Rice-a-Roni...with a lot less salt and ingredients you can pronounce!

Everyday Food Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli
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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

How fun! And how pretty!!! As you know, I am a fan of the box SF treat, too, but I want to try this healthy recipe. Mmm!!! Thanks, FL! XO, Racheal

Snooky doodle said... [Reply to comment]

what a nice recipe ! I ve never had rice and noodles at the same time . I d like to try it.

Audrie said... [Reply to comment]

Don't shun me, but I've never had Rice-a-Roni haha! Might try this instead of the box because I hate anything salty. Btw I baked the PB coffee cake yesterday and my sister and husband thank you :) They loved it!

Eliana said... [Reply to comment]

I adore the box version but don't make it often enough because of the high sodium. I just might make this tonight for dinner.

Monica H said... [Reply to comment]

who knew rice and vermicellli could be so pretty!

Nutmeg Nanny said... [Reply to comment]

Oh I love how you made a homemade version of the San Francisco treat. Yummy!!!

Kerstin said... [Reply to comment]

Now I have the song stuck in my head :) It looks delicious!

Sal said... [Reply to comment]

I frequently make boxed Rice-A-Roni despite the high sodium, but I'm always looking for healthier alternatives. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Haven't had the box version since I cooked it from scratch and realized it's just as easy to make. I'm loving the whole wheat substitution, it makes for a nice color contrast.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I love that you made your own rice-a-roni. How fun!

Patricia @ ButterYum said... [Reply to comment]

I have to admit, although I'm a "from scratch" kind of person in the kitchen, chicken flavored rice-a-roni is one of my guilty pleasures!

Laura said... [Reply to comment]

This looks fabulous! Will definitely be trying this one.

Madam Chow said... [Reply to comment]

I have a confession to make: I have never had rice-a-roni!

Esi said... [Reply to comment]

This is freaking awesome!! I used to like that boxed stuff, but it scares me now. Homemade looks and sounds so much better.

Marta said... [Reply to comment]

This dish is so much fun, and so filled with memories for me. Back home, it's called "arroz con fideos" and my mom used to always serve it with veal parmesan... yummy!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Yum, this looks so good! I love Rice-a-Roni but we rarely buy it because of all the sodium. I'll have to try this version!

Donna-FFW said... [Reply to comment]

Looks delicious. Kids are Big fans of rice a roni here.. this looks 10 times better..

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Cannot wait to try this!!!

Gotta Love Martha......

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