Williams-Sonoma Apple Cake

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Williams-Sonoma "Cakes" - Apple Cake

Strands of apple coated with cinnamon sugar dot this light cake

It's fall. It's apple time! I simply love apple desserts. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've made a bunch of apple cakes. I think my ultimate goal is to be able to make an apple cake for everyday of the week. I made the Martha Stewart apple cake, my mom's old recipe, one from Baking Illustrated, and I modified a coffeecake by adding apples. This time I used the Williams-Sonoma Cakes book (page 63) for a second time.

This recipe used three medium Granny Smith apples that were shredded. The apples sat in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon for 15 minutes and then I drained the liquid that was released. The batter included eggs, sugar, vanilla, cake flour, and sour cream. Your basic yummy cake ingredients.

I placed 2/3 of the batter into the tube pan and then sprinkled some cinnamon sugar mixture on top. The rest of the batter was placed on top of that and the remaining cinnamon sugar mixture topped my apple cake. After baking the cake for 50 minutes, I pulled it out of the oven only to discover that the cinnamon sugar mixture on top created a shell. After I inverted the cake onto a plate and then re-inverted it onto another cake plate (it is very difficult sometimes to take a cake out of the tube pan), the shell cracked a little bit but I knew it would be broken when we slice the cake anyway.

I thought the cake was pretty moist and the strands of apple coated with cinnamon sugar added a nice bit of sweetness to the cake. Which one is my favorite? Hum, I might have to make them all and do a taste test! I also want to try and replace regular apples with some Asian Pears this fall!

On another note, Go Angels in the post season!!!
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I'm inspired - I'm going to try and do some baking this weekend! Stay tuned!

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