Columbus Pumpkin Roll

Monday, October 8, 2007

It's Columbus Day! Or Indigenious People Day in Berkeley! And since I'm a government worker in a land that recognizes this holiday, I had the day off! Sweet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I made a pumpkin roll (as the title says). However, the highlight of the day was seeing the new George Clooney movie, "Michael Clayton." Two full hours of George Clooney in a suit. With salt-and-pepper hair. On the big screen. Sweet.

I also ate some yummy Ethopian food at Nyala on Fairfax, had a fix of Pinkberry in the Farmer's Market, and saw a bunch of people trying to get into Dancing with the Stars at CBS Studios (it was a very surreal scene as the crowd was totally diverse and all dressed up...I thought they were going to a strange Columbus Day afternoon wedding, but a nice girl in line set me straight!) However, when we were heading back to the car, we overheard an angry woman (in a nice dress) saying she didn't get in and that she "took half a day off work..." Boy, you know she ain't voting tonight!

But I digress... Here is a pumpkin roll. The recipe is on the inside label of the Libby Pumpkin can or you can see it here!! How can you go wrong with Fall's favorite flavor - the pumpkin...and a boatload of cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar? This is really easy to make, very quick and has lots of crowd appeal.

Fresh from the oven in a jelly roll (15 x 10) pan

After coating a kitchen towel with powdered sugar, the cake is placed on it as soon as it is pulled from the oven. Then, you roll it up (along with the towel).

Let the roll sit for 30 minutes to cool off and learn its form.

After cooling off, you carefully unroll the cake and place a filling of cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla on top. Then it all gets rolled up and wrapped in plastic wrap overnight!

Sweet. It's Fall.
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I love being one of her guinea pigs, this roll was superb; I loved the fact that it was pumpkin. I love Pumpkin...and chocolate...and by B-day is coming up-hint, hint! (j.k!) Gosh you are such a great baker. I'm so jealous!

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