Lemon Bars - Draft #2

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here is the attempt at Lemon Bars, Draft #2. This time I tried Cook's Illustrated recipe that calls for a cooked lemon curd topping.


I don't have any photos of the process because it was like being in my crazy gospel step aerobics class at the YMCA (she plays hip-hop gospel music...there is truly no exercise more interesting than raising your arms up and down to the words, "Praise Him!!" or cardio-boxing to "Victory with Jesus!") This recipe had so much to do in so little time.

Make crust in food processor! Don't overmix! Don't undermix! Zest the hell out of lemons! Squeeze lemons! Stir 7 whole eggs plus 2 yolks (not for the low cholesterol crowd!) and a bunch of sugar, butter and lemon juice over medium-high heat in a non-reactive saucepan! Stir constantly and just when you think it won't thicken, it suddenly thickens! Pull off heat! Dump into awaiting sieve over another bowl I'll have to wash later! Press contents through sieve! Grab crust out of hot oven and place hot lemon curd on top! Put back into oven! Cook until the middle 3 inches giggle. Come on, Mr. Kimball and you crazy chefs at Cook's Illustrated...am I really supposed to monitor the middle 3 inch square of my 9 inch pan?!

No soup for you!

Whatever. I think the crust sucked. The lemon curd was okay. Very opaque. Of course, like Draft #1, the powdered sugar just melted away... Next, I'm going to try Ina Garten's (Barefoot Contessa) recipe. Please help me Ina. I beg you.

P.S. I watched 30 minutes of Michael Moore's SiCKO on Friday night. And then guess what happened? I got sick during Sicko. Yes, I can manufacture irony.

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