Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins (Tuesdays with Dorie)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins (Tuesdays with Dorie)
Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins

My log of activities from New Years Eve to the present...

Honey and tea.
Salt water gargling.
Warm blankets.
Can't taste food.
Hand sanitizer.
Kleenex (box #1).
Zicam (via the nose).
Sudafed (the “meth” edition).
Heart races.
Go to work, go home early.
Still can't taste food.
More Kleenex (box #4).
Zicam (rapidmelt).
Even more Kleenex (box #9).
Losing will to go on because I can't taste food.
Urgent care.
Z-Pack antibiotics.
Another box of Sudafed.
Crazy stomach stuff with antibiotics.
Make muffins for Tuesdays with Dorie to share with only myself.
Add extra jalapeno and chili powder so I can actually taste something.

Yeah, Happy New Year!

I apologize for not commenting on blogs since the new year and checking out all your yummies. I have been coming home and going to bed with my humidifier and cat. Seriously crazy amounts of sleep - like going to bed at 7:10 pm. I'm starting to feel a bit better now and am still in awe of those great scientists who created The Wonderful World of Antibiotics.

Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins (Tuesdays with Dorie) Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins (Tuesdays with Dorie)

For this week's Tuesdays with Dorie, Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake chose Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins on page 6. I love, love, love her blog!! Be sure to check it out for the recipe and for all her yummy delights.

Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins (Tuesdays with Dorie)
I can't really tell you how these tasted...since I'm not the best judge at the moment. But they certainly are more colorful than your regular corn muffin! Be sure to check out the other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers! And stay healthy!!!!
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Audrey said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins look wonderful...I can tell they taste good, too. I hope you feel better!

Lauren said... [Reply to comment]

feel better soon! I myself have been sick since December 20th and am still ill. it's fun huh? In fact, I have two friends with babies, and my cold is OLDER THEN THEIR CHILDREN. I'm not complaining but I giving the tenor of your post I figured I could commiserate with you. by the way your muffins look lovely!

Shelby said... [Reply to comment]

all of your pics are gorgeous!

Mari said... [Reply to comment]

Good gravy, your holidays sound remarkably a lot like mine, sans antibiotics! Glad that you're on the mend, I'm sure the extra dose of chili in the muffins will help.

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, those look beautiful! I'm so jealous of their perfect shape. Sorry to hear you've been so sick, hope you're feeling better!

Jessica said... [Reply to comment]

Feel better soon! I've been doing almost anything I can think of to avoid getting sick and I'm crossing my fingers that it works. Not being able to taste things is the worst too. They look great though. I froze the rest of mine. Hopefully they'll freeze well and I can continue to enjoy them.

Peggy said... [Reply to comment]

Those look very colorful. I'm sure they are delicious. I loved these. Feel better please!

vibi said... [Reply to comment]

Wowwy! What nice colors you got! Very, very well done!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hope your feeling better soon! Despite your illness, the muffins are very pretty. I bet they're perfect with a big bowl of chili.

The flu is also going around here, including a raging case of pink eye. Yikes! Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, feel better would you? Too bad the timing was off, but your corm muffins look really great.

Jodie said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you feel better soon! The muffins looks great!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you're feeling better soon - your muffins look great!

Kimberly Johnson said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins look fantastic! Hope you feel better soon.

Megan said... [Reply to comment]

Oh you poor thing - I'm glad you are on the road to recovery!

My husband came down with pneumonia the day after Thanksgiving and it took 6 weeks, 15 boxes of Kleenex,2 rounds of antibiotics, and 2 bottles of codeine cough syrup for him to get better!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins look wonderful. I hope you get well soon. Being sick sucks. :(

Pearl said... [Reply to comment]

is it just me, or are a lot of people getting sick after new years? i hope you're feeling better! your muffins look great!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you get better soon. Didn't your pie for Do You Want Pies with That make you feel better? :)

Esi said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like a nightmare!! Hope you are feeling well soon.

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said... [Reply to comment]

I am so sorry to hear you have been sick. If it makes you feel any better your muffins look delish! Feel better soon!

Monica H said... [Reply to comment]

Hope you start feeling better. Maybe eating all those muffins by yourself will help :-)

chocolatechic said... [Reply to comment]

They look fabulous.

TeaLady said... [Reply to comment]

You have to get well, there is so much great baking and tasting to do this year. I do hope you are feeling better by the time you read your comments. Your muffins look great and they were good, even tho' you couldn't really taste them.

Tammy said... [Reply to comment]

poor you, I hope you are starting to feel better!!! the muffins look great

April said... [Reply to comment]

Oh I hope you feel better soon! Your muffins looks so tasty and colorful!

The Blonde Duck said... [Reply to comment]

Feel better! It's a shame you can't enjoy your muffins!

dharmagirl said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick. I'm finally getting over my cold after a few weeks of sniffles and so on.

Your muffins are fetching:)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry about your sickness. Hope you feel better soon!

Steph said... [Reply to comment]

Feel better Mary!! I love the colour of your muffins, they look absolutely amazing and delicious. I think the corn muffin hater in me would like them!

Engineer Baker said... [Reply to comment]

Feel better soon! Now is just a yucky time of year, but hopefully it goes by quickly. Those muffins look fabulous though, and kudos for making them despite being sick.

Marthe said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins look absolutely perfect! I'm sure they taste amazing, mine di1d! I hope you'll feel better soon!!

Di said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you're feeling better, Mary! And hopefully you'll be back to tasting things again soon. =)

betty geek said... [Reply to comment]

The muffins look delicious. I love those pepper specks.

Feel better soon!

Linda said... [Reply to comment]

Yikes...girlfriend, feel better soon... this is not the way to start the new year! Your dedication to TWD is awe-inspiring...even being under the weather, you turned out some delicious looking muffins.

mimi said... [Reply to comment]

at first i thought your post was a joke! so sorry you've been so sick, i hope your kitty is playing a good nurse! ;-)

but your muffins still look great, love the cross-section photo, really shows them off!

Leslie said... [Reply to comment]

Oh man, you've really been sick! What a trouper you are to make the corn muffins!

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins look wonderful! I bet they tasted good, too!
I'm so sorry you haven't been able to taste food! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Maria said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you are feeling better. The muffins look excellent!

Carol Peterman/TableFare said... [Reply to comment]

What a rough start on the new year, yet you still managed to bake and post the results. Wow. The muffins look lovely and hopefully you will be able to taste them soon.

Pamela said... [Reply to comment]

Man! I am so sorry that you've been so sick. Obviously, Kleenex has been loving you. I hope it was the ones with lotion in them...your poor nose! Nice job on the muffins. Hope you enjoyed them!! Feel better soon. :o)

Mary said... [Reply to comment]

Feel better soon Miss Librarian! I love the Z pack..hope it kicks in soon...

steph- whisk/spoon said... [Reply to comment]

oh no--i hope you are all better now. you certainly had the wherewithal to make some good-looking muffins!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sexxxay!!! Hope you're feeling better. You coaxed some great color out of these muffins.

Nancy/n.o.e said... [Reply to comment]

Now that's dedication: getting off your sickbed and baking and posting your TWD recipe - a baker has to have her priorities, right? And you know it's bad when Zicam doesn't knock it out. I seriously love that stuff. I hope you saved some muffins for the return of your sense of taste, and that you like them. I put extra spice in ours - no colds here, we just like them that way. They were yummy. Yours look amazing.

Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you're feeling better! Your muffins look great!

spike. said... [Reply to comment]

I'm impressed you still made the muffins when you can't taste anything! Hope you are feeling better soon

Jacque said... [Reply to comment]

Aaaah, sounds like you got a really nasty bug. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Your muffins are beauti-muss! Maybe you put some in the freezer for a later date, so you can enjoy them fully? Anyway, way to get your TWD done, in spite of being sick.

AmyRuth said... [Reply to comment]

Ah so glad you are on the mend and sorry to hear you've been choking the cold virus. A holiday to hoo. Stellar effort on your carousel of colors muffins. Isn't it amazing how vibrant they are? Glad you had a change of pace. Get well soon.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you are feeling better! Spicy food always helps clear up those nasal passages... I hope these helped!

Katrina said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins do look really colorful and yummy.
Hope you're feeling better!

Susan @ SGCC said... [Reply to comment]

I hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be sick!

Your muffins looks so tasty and festive! Great job!

Flourchild said... [Reply to comment]

Oh you poor thing. Im so sorry you have been sick. I hate that sudefed meth stuff(hee-hee) it makes me feel real strange. Anyways your muffins are wonderful and I hope your better by the time next TWD comes around!
PS I swear that Zicam works..

Nate @ House of Annie said... [Reply to comment]

Your muffins look tasty. Get well soon!

Thanks for adding us as friends on Foodbuzz. We welcome you to come visit our site!

Jaime said... [Reply to comment]

i have been sick for 4 wks now... not so bad the last week or so but i know how you feel! get well soon and good job on the challenge despite being under the weather :)

CB said... [Reply to comment]

aawww you poor sick thing! Sending healthy immune boosting vibes your way! Love the muffin innards picture. Love all the chunks. I definitely need to add more corn to mine next time. The more corn chunks the better! Get well soon!
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

kimberly salem said... [Reply to comment]

ick, that doesn't sound like a fun new years :( hope you have gotten a bunch of sleep and are healing fast! the muffins look perfect.

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