Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)
Banana Crunch Muffins
AKA Banana and the kitchen sink muffin

Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)
These muffins are rich and filled with lots of "stuff."

Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)
I made the Barefoot Contessa's Banana Crunch Muffins this morning! Ina says these make 18 cupcakes, but I got 24! One cup of mashed bananas are added to the mix and one diced banana is folded in with all the goodies...

Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)
Goodies include walnuts, coconut and my homemade granola.

Banana Crunch Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)
Although these certainly aren't health food (2 sticks of butter negate that! :), these are a tasty brunch muffin. Ina suggests topping them with dried banana chips, granola or coconut but I skipped that. You can find the recipe on the Food Network/Barefoot Contessa website.

It was a very sweet day at work! We had these muffins in the morning and the lemon cheesecake in the afternoon. Sugar high Monday at the library! ;)
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Patricia Scarpin said... [Reply to comment]

I love rich muffins like these - lots of flavor, and you can have them on the go. Your muffins look delish!

eatme_delicious said... [Reply to comment]

Oh delicious! Thanks for reminding me that I have to make these.

Snooky doodle said... [Reply to comment]

these look nice. These are great for breakfast full of energy and nutrients :)

jamie said... [Reply to comment]

this is one of my favorite bc recipes... yum yum yum. (they freeze really well, too!)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

i made these a few months back, and really enjoyed them. and i also got more muffins than what was listed - but nothing wrong with a few extra muffins!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

i love banana nut muffins! i think the addition of coconut would be brilliant here!

Peabody said... [Reply to comment]

They have fruit...there for they are healthy. ;)

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