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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yes! Project Runway starts this week! Project Runway is simply one of my little obsessions. I'm the opposite of a fashion diva, but I love this show (and its psuedo-sister program, Top Chef). It is well edited, has actual challenges, and Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum are great.

In honor of the show and my most recent visit to the Torrance Farmer's Market, here is the Food Librarian's Fall Collection. (Be sure to visit your local farmer's market and pick some up...along with some pupusas and kettle corn!)

Satsuma Tangerines
Seriously, these gems are more precious than diamonds. Most of the time, they are a bit ugly; but after you pull off the thin skin, its a party in your mouth. And I could literally eat three pounds in one sitting. Yum.

Persimmon (Fuyu variety)
These are from my dad's tree that has been producing these perfect fall foods for over 20 years. Persimmons are great peeled and cut into I'm doing every day at work during the fall. You can also dice them and add them to spinach salads for a wonderful sweet/savory combination.

Petite jewels of the world. Thank goodness these fruits came over from Persia. And so damn good for you. The secret to peeling them is to do it underwater! The membrane and seeds separate - one floats and one sinks, and your clothes stay stain-free!

Asian Pears
The Apple and The Pear. A match made in heaven. Fruit. Of. The. Gods. enough said.

Arkansas Black Apples
I love fall apples. My favorites are the Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, and Arkansas Black - these are from Ha's Apple Farm who are regular at many farmer's markets. I still need to make an apple pie, but now that my friend Julie has had success with the Baking Illustrated recipe, I'm going to try it soon!
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Those all look so beautiful and I tried the persimmons in my salad and they were super yummy. The dried persimmons that you gave me didn't even last the rest of the day! tell your dad they were delicious! - Helen

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