Coroner Apple Cake

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Williams-Sonoma Apple Cake
I've made this cake before. It is from the Williams-Sonoma Cake cookbook...It came out yummy the first time...and then it fell apart a few weeks ago. Last week, I tried again.

This time, I let the grated apple drain for a longer period of time...and although the directions tell you not to push on them to squeeze out extra juice, I did it anyway because I was paranoid. The result was a little less cinnamon flavor in the cake, but at least it was fully cooked! :)

Apple Cake with pencils from Los Angeles County Coroner

What are these body outline pens?! They were purchased at the Los Angeles County Coroner's store, Skeletons in the Closet. Funds go toward the Youthful Drunk Driving Visitation Program. They have some great beach towels too. My friend had to go there and picked up these pens (the visit was business-related, not for, well, you know...) Here is the store.

Williams-Sonoma Apple Cake
Apples. Cinnamons. Yum.
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