How to Read & Watch your iPad or Tablet While Lying in Bed - LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My New Crazy Awesome iPad Stand

This post has a ridiculous title: How to Read & Watch your iPad or Tablet While Lying in Bed - LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand!

But this thing I bought is the freaking answer.

First, this is not a sponsored post. I paid money for this thing and just love it. I know there are others who might want something like this too so I'm blogging about it. In fact, I already told a co-worker about it and she bought one for her husband who LOVES it!

However, I need to disclose that I'm part of Amazon Affiliates so if you click on the link and buy one, I get a itty bitty percent of the purchase (you aren't charged anything extra and I'll never know who bought it - but if you do click on the link and buy anything on Amazon, I appreciate it! It helps me buy Bundt pans and iPad Stands!)

Okay, last year I bought the iPad Air and LOVE IT. Seriously the best one they've made (I've used the older editions). Screen is awesome and the speakers are so much better than previous iPads (you can't DJ a wedding with the speakers, but they are totally fine to watch a movie, YouTube videos and listen to NPR in bed when you should be doing other stuff...)

But I was always kinda annoyed because it wasn't easy to read in bed. My arms would get tired if I was on my back holding up the iPad. Although it's the iPad Air and totally light, I have it in a case and that added weight. Sometimes I would prop it up with a pillow and lie on my side to read. Anyway, it wasn't the best solution.

After a bunch of searching and reading too many reviews, I decided to try the LEVO iPad & Tablet Stand, Deluxe Edition.

Oh my goodness.
Changed my life.
This is awesome.

My iPad Air (excuse the dust) is attached with the bungee-type cords, and you can angle it upside down
The unit is adjustable in height and the arm is adjustable at two points. The pad that holds the tablet or iPad can adjust 180 degrees (you can make it go completely flat or tilted up - so you can lie flat on your back and look up at the screen, or sit up and tilt it to the best angle. See the photos on Amazon for more positions)

It's versatile because you get four cords that hold in your device - so you can put an eReader in it, tablet or iPad.

The base is stable because it is so heavy. When the package comes from Amazon, it was in a big box. Then you tried to lift it and thought, "What's in this box? Weights?" Well, turns out there are weights in it! The base has a heavy weight so the thing doesn't tip over on you. Yeah, that's a good thing. (It could leave those furniture indentations on carpet because it's heavy so I move mine around every couple of days)

I think the unit is well made. It comes on four wheels so you can wheel is out of the room when you have a special guest (wink, wink) or you can move it in front of a chair or table too. You can wheel it into the kitchen and use it to "hold" your recipes on the iPad. Haven't done that yet...but I just might!

Photo from Amazon - not me and my dog 
My unit cost $189.99 and I bought it in May 2014. It has free shipping on Amazon but it isn't Prime so you have to wait a few days for it (Prime people know what I'm talking about...that long, long wait for things that don't come in 1 or 2 days!) There are only a few pieces to assemble, but the box is heavy because of the base. Also, this is the DELUXE version. The reviewers say it is better than the original. Having never seen the original, I spent a couple more bucks because the reviewers made it sound much improved. I believe Brookstone sells this in-store if you want to try it out...I just pressed "buy now" on Amazon and crossed my fingers that I like it. :)

Gotta go. I have to a couple books to read and YouTube videos to watch! (Oh dear, that's another post where I admit that I'm 43 but have the YouTube viewing preferences of a 14-17 year old teenage girl who watches Tyler Oakley videos. And Sup3rfruit - but they are really hella funny. Really, I tried to watch TED Talks and the like but... ;)

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