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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cidney the Girl Dog at the Beach 2013
This photo of Cidney the Dog has nothing to do with this post, but seriously, doesn't she make the post better? :)

Hi there,

There are a bunch of weekly themes around town.

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Wordless Wednesday

I thought I would try to do my own version: Wordy Wednesday. I want to occasionally tell you about some books I'm reading (and get myself to read more). Sure, I'm a librarian, but I find myself too busy to read much...and I seriously love TV which takes up way too much free time (yeah, and baking too).

I'm not the librarian who reads widely and deeply (like I probably should). I'm not an English major who writes critical essays on the latest modern literature. Um, sometimes I read stuff that I don't remember reading after ten minutes (yes, I have checked out a book, read a few chapters, felt something deja vu and then realize I read it in the past. I'm trying to use Good Reads to keep track now but then sometimes I forget to log things into Good Reads). Some of the mysteries and thrillers I read are like basic cable TV...you can easily forget you saw the show and find yourself watching another episode of Law & Order at 2 am.

Absolutely Positively Not - Note found in the library book
Absolutely, Positively Not by David LaRochelle (2005)
Find it in your library via WorldCat or buy it on Amazon

I've been trying to read more Teen/YA books. Although I don't work with teens in the library, their lit is quite entertaining, easy to read and lets you reflect on all that teenage angst you felt years ago.

This book, Absolutely, Positively Not is the winner of the Sid Fleischman Humor Award in 2006. It follows a young man's journey of acceptance of his sexual orientation. It's very funny (hence the Humor Award!) and a quick read.

Absolutely Positively Not - Note found in the library book
I found this note tucked in the book. Since this book is about a gay teen, I hope that if a young person checks it out and is struggling, they find it a comfort - and the truth. I tucked it back in the book before returning it to the library.

Find it in your library via WorldCat or buy it from Amazon

Loved this book! It's a graphic memoir by artist Ellen Forney about her diagnosis and treatment for bipolar disorder. In addition to being touching and funny, it helped me understand the different types of bipolar disorder and depression - all with wonderful graphics. Her honesty (and lack of) with her doctors, and the long road to getting the right mix of medications are helpful to understanding that the reality of mental illness and mental health isn't as easy as a 30-second pharmaceutical advertisement. 

Hey, I'm on Good Reads as foodlibrarian if you want to see my listing of audiobooks and other stuff I've been reading. When I remember to log things...which is my next resolution. (Really, I'm totally organized at work (like super duper organized), but in life? That's another story...)

Next post will be back to baking - cupcakes! See you later, - mary

Disclosure: I'm a librarian and love when you check out books from your library! It's awesometown. (Really, it's like Amazon but really cheap...like so cheap it's free). But I need to tell you that I'm also part of the Amazon Affiliate program and if you do decide to purchase a book from the links above, I get a few cents. I use those few cents to buy books from Amazon. It's like the Lion King's Circle of Life of book buying.
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Kat said... [Reply to comment]

I'm not the greatest when it comes to logging in my books on Good Reads myself. I am much better at adding books to my wishlists on Amazon and Half.com...especially when they're cookbooks I've borrowed from the library and decide they're something I need to OWN at some point! Thanks for all the work you do as a librarian. Everytime I go to my branch (Studio City), they're always busy. It's one of my happy places!

Nutmeg nanny said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, I love the note tucked in the book. So heartwarming :)

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